Sunday, July 23, 2017

Savage 110 FCP HS 338 LM with Fat Bastard

My buddy Alex ordered the wrong threading on the brake for his .338, so he asked me if I wanted it.  I've been running this brake that I got off Amazon and though it has performed flawlessly on my .308 and my .338, it is a massive brake and looks disproportional to the rifle, and more so the barrel.  

So I'm going to give this brake a test drive, the APA Fat Bastard, and see how it goes.  The brake was far simpler to install compared to the Titanic that I had on there before.  It came with a shaped jam nut instead of crush washers and the profile of this brake against the profile of the barrel on the Savage 110 match better than the Titanic (just a nickname, I think it the name of this brake is the GRG Competition Muzzle Brake).

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