Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Introduce kids to gun culture before the news media or rappers do

I really like this ad and I think I’ll enroll my son in the Canadian Firearm Safety Course as soon as he’s old enough to comprehend the content. 

As a firearm owner, I wanted members of my family to take the course, so I asked my wife to sign up and take it a few years back.  It wasn’t because I wanted her to get her PAL, go out and buy guns and share the same hobby as me.  It was primarily a safety concern, and no, I’m not talking about self defense.  I can be as careful as can be, but if something happens to me, I wanted my wife to have the knowledge on how to handle firearms. 

Though my wife never got into the hobby after she got her license, she is now able to pick up any fire arm, keep her finger off the trigger, always keep it pointed in a safe direction and clear and make safe.  For that reason alone, I think it was worth asking her to take the course and signing her up for it.  The CFSC is a safety course, and in my opinion, it teaches skills that are better to have and not need, than to need and not have.

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