Thursday, July 26, 2018

Diemaco Surplus parts - Colt Fiberlite carbine CAR (N1 Stock) and BCG

A small order came in the other day for a future retro build I have in mind.  Who knew that the Fibrelite stock would be such a rarity, so collectable, and so expensive.  When the waffle stock came out, no one wanted these old N1 stocks anymore, yet here they are, commanding an $80 price tag for a beat up one.

Mine didn't have the N1 markings, but I have been assured by Nordic Marksman that these are authentic and not all of them were stamped N1.

From Nordic Marksman:

Grade 1 - Mint or near mint. May show slight scratches but overall new condition. $139.95
Grade 2 - Not so mint. Signs of wear or scratches. Nice examples $119.95
Grade 3 - Worn, Scratches, wear on buttplate $99.95
Grade 4 - LAV III condition. sloshed around in the back of the LAV for a while. Scratches, wear marks,
                chunks missing. $79.95

Mine was Grade 4 and I still can't believe I shelled out $80 for a trashed used stock.

This is the second D marked BCG that I got.  Honestly, these aren't a bad price.  They're very slick, and still have a ton of life left in them.

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