Saturday, August 2, 2014

Colt M203

Well, I went and blew $5k an M203 launcher, though I won't be able to get any rounds for it other than flares and chalk rounds.  Looks great on my Norinco CQ-A, and I'm sure it's going to turn a lot of heads at the range.....just kidding, I didn't buy a real one.  I found this toy at a local airsoft shop in Richmond for $130 on sale.  I know, it's a total waste of money, but I never meant to even mount it on my AR.  My plan was to build an M16 with M203 as a wall-hanger decoration, but just for fun, I threw it on to see what it looked it.  It came off right after I took these pictures and when I get around to building the wall-hanger, I'll post pictures.

Pretty realistic roll marks, and it'll look great on the wall.

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