Friday, August 17, 2018

300 Blackout

The 300 Blackout has been out for a while, but I'm only jumping on the bandwagon now.  I recently had a chance to shoot a colleague's work rifle and was sold.  It's been proven in the field at least on one occasion, used to stop a bad guy with a shot gun, and the round proved extremely effective.

This one isn't for work, or for personal protection (because in Canada, I would probably face more shit for using a firearm to defend myself than the bad guy who tried to do me harm).  Nope, this one was built purely for shits and giggles.  At $2 a round, I don't think I would shoot it very much though.

The only thing new here is the barrel, gas tube and hand guard.  AR Stoner 7.5" 300 blackout barrel, and a 7.25" Midwest Industries 3GM series gen 3 free float M-lok (carbine length).

The first thing I did was gut the gas block from one of my older 10.5" builds.

The barrel appears to be of decent quality.  Medium contour, chromoly, 1 in 8" twist, melonite finish

It was fairly easy swapping on the pistol length gas tube.  The rest was pretty straight forward as well.

I was going to put on a Surefire muzzle brake, but did't have one handy and didn't want to wait and order one, so I yanked a random brake out of my spare parts box and threw it on.

It's threaded for a generic "blast warden/flaming pig" device to throw the flames forward rather than out to the side.  For the record, it does not in any way reduce the report of the firearm.

I clamped a uni-mount to the receiver and the hand guard to insure it was properly aligned before locking it all down.

And that's my 7.5" 300BLK upper done.

Next to the 16" upper I slapped together recently.  These two may need to share a lower for now, until my OCD kicks in and I decide I need another lower.

With what parts I had, I mixed and matched as best as I could to clone my buddy's work rifle.  I may never do a 100% clone correct build, but I was really inspired by it.  Sorry, no pics of this mysterious rifle.

Now I just have to find some 300blk ammo and hope this thing doesn't blow up in my face when I shoot it for the first time.

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  1. From right to left, the first is a standard .223 Remington for a size comparison. Next is the 300 Blackout, then a .338 Whisper round that launches a 300 grain rock downrange at 1050 FPS. I also load these with a 200 grain bullet and raise the charge to send it downrange at about 2200 FPS. Next is .458 SOCOM. These are loaded from subsonic 500 grain rock throwers to over 2000 FPS ballistic tipped 325 grain bullets. These have become quite popular with hog hunters and they run on the AR15 platform with little more than a barrel change.

    Next is one of the .510 Whispers with a 50 cal BMG API rock stuffed in. 28 grains of H110 powder sends it along its subsonic journey into a hard target. A nice report and big smiles from the shooter erupts.

    Last is another 510 with a Lehigh Defense, controlled fracture, payload bullet. These machined brass projectiles have slots cut in for the petals to expand. Also in the nose is a .243 cal ballistic tipped bullet to shift the CG forward to improve flight characteristics.

    I'm glad that you appreciated them. I enjoy sorting this stuff out and its nice when someone appreciates it.

    Marcel recently posted...300 Blackout for hunting


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