Monday, August 27, 2018

Glock 19x Canadian version

This is technically my second Glock.  My first one was a G17 Gen 4 in Stealth Grey however I never shot it and ended up selling it to a buddy who really wanted the new grey framed 17.  Anyway, I think I will do my best to hand on to this one and actually shoot it.

What's in the box?

I wish I was in the right financial situation to have two of these, but one is mine, and the other one is for a buddy who's at Depot so I'll be transferring it to him when he gets back.

I'm not at all a Glock fan boy, and I really don't know the first thing about Glocks.  I've heard though, that this was the first time that Glock has ever released a model with a colored slide from the factory, along with a case that was not black.

As mentioned before, I wish I could afford multiples of the same gun, lol!

The 19X came with a bunch of neat stuff including a cable lock I'll probably never use, a cleaning rod and brush, 4 different back straps and three magazines and a mag loading tool.  Basically the same as the Glock 17 I had before.  This might be the first time Glock has released tan magazines, but I could be wrong.

These supposedly come from the factory with Glock night sights (GNS), however Rampart Corp offers an IOP discount for members of the military and law enforcement for a far lower price, so they are removed if you order this model with the fixed plastic factory sights.  You can see some residue from where the original GNS were.

The Glock is one of the easiest pistols to take down, but that's pretty common knowledge by now.  The one thing I noticed was the trigger.  It was far better than previous Glocks I've tried.  Still not as crisp and clean a break as my 1911, but a fair improvement over the standard Glock trigger.  I've read that there were a lot of changes and improvements in this new Gen 5 Glock trigger, but I have no idea what they would be.

The Glock Marksman Barrel is included with the Canadian edition, with the polygonal rifling and improved crown, but I could not for the life of me capture this with my camera.

I've seen this rainbow effect on stainless steel headers after being super heated, however I don't recall ever seeing this in a pistol slide.  Not sure what caused this or if it will effect long term use/durability.  I don't recall it having any negative side effects on my headers.

Looks like some residual bits from factory test firing perhaps.

I heard these were supposed to come with a maple leaf engraved to signify the Canadian edition but these two didn't come with it.  Maybe I was thinking of a different edition.

In comparison with the Walther PPQ, the Glock 19x is definitely shorter, but the grip is from the 17, so it's taller overall.

The every lasting rivalry between the 1911 and the Glock.  I don't even want to get into that debate.

It's tiny compared to the pistol I shoot the most now, my Sig 226 TACOPS.  

I threw on a tan Streamlight just to see what it would look like, might have to get a light and a holster for it.

A color comparison to my Mk18 clone which is 50 shades of FDE.

....and my BCL 102 which is also a bunch of different shades of tan.

Glock 19x IOP model with basic fixed plastic sights.

Glock 19x with factory Glock Night Sights.

My buddy's already had this thing out and he said it was the best shooting Glock he's had so far, and he's got a few.  I can't wait to take this thing out to the range and test it out.

I wish all three were mine.

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