Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cut out the Foam Insert for my Pelican 1750

Well, I finally got around to cutting out the foam that came with my Pelican 1750 to fit some of my hardware.  Even in such a large case, it was pretty hard to get everything I wanted in there.  I've been thinking about how to cut the foam out for weeks.  Ever since I got my Pelican from Cabela's, down in the states, I've been humming and hawing about how best to sort it out.  If I screwed up, it would probably cost me another $80 or so just for another foam insert.  I was searching around for ideas, and my favourite one so far was one I saw on Gun Cruzer:

Although I only have one AR and one pistol, it would have been nice to just leave my AR and my 870 in the bottom, and just my 1911 and all the mags in the lid, sort of like this picture above.  I don't know if maybe I could have fit the 1911 and my M14 in the lid, and my AR and my shotty below, but that means I would have to change the foam configuration to have one thin sheet at the bottom of the case, then a thick later to house the AR and the shotty, then a thin layer to separate the bottom of the case with the top.  Then have a thick thick layer of foam to house my pistol, all the mags and maybe even my M14, then another thin sheet to be put up against the inner surface of the lid.  Well, the foam is pretty price from Pelican so next time I go to Home Depot, I'll see if they have anything even remotely close.

Anyway, I ended up with this setup.  Just crammed my 1750 with as much stuff as possible.  I guess I could get another hard case for my M14, haha!  Well, I might also go down to Cabela's and grab one of their soft cases for $65:

Pretty amazing for $65.  I grabbed one for my buddy Jay, now I want one, haha!  It's pretty nice, should fit my AR, my shotty and my pistol in the one of the side pouches.  Less bulky too.  Anyway, I can alternate the hardcase (my Pelican 1750) between those three and my M14. 

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