Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Bipod on the M14

Another trip down to the states ended up with more man-crap, haha!  This time I bought a Winchester-branded bipod for $40.  I'm not a precision shot by any means, but I was told a bipod might help a bit.  Every little bit helps I suppose

The CASM from M14.CA is still holding up.


I was watching Magpul Precision Rifle the other day and never felt more stupid in my life.  I got about 20 minutes into it and was completely lost.  They were speaking a whole other language and I felt like I knew absoultely nothing about shooting and firearms in general (which is true) so I went back to watch the out takes just to make myself feel better, haha!

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  1. I like your rifle! I am running the CASM scope mount as well with a Leupold Mark IV. Looks like I need a bipod!


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