Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trying to install a Hogue Stock Set on a Maverick 88

So my buddy Justin is trying to install the Hogue Stock kit with the foreend, 12in LOP onto his Maverick 88.  Up until now, we've been hearing that the Mav 88 is almost a virtual clone to the Mossberg 500 and most parts are interchangeable. 

Well, we got he stock kit and started with the forend and immediately ran into our first roadblock.  Looks like the forgrip on the Maverick 88 is a bit different than the Mossberg 500.  On the Mosserg 500, the forend is actually two seperate peices.  The grip itself slides overtop of what is called an actional slide tube assembly.  Apparently, some of the newer Mossberg 500s come with this solid plastic forend with the pinned-on action bars which many people get rid of all together because they allow no options for aftermarket forends. 

Most posts we've read all recommend replacing the Maverick 88 unit with the 7 5/8 in action slide tube assembly (retails for $54.99 from Midway USA) but we've also seen the 6 3/4 in action slide tube (retails for $25.99 from Midway USA) so we'll have to do a bit more research.  We've also read that some action slide tube assemblies don't come with the Mossberg action tube nut (retails for $9.99 on Midway USA) for 7 3/4in action tubes (retails for , and other posts say we need to get Hogue forend adapter nut (retails for $12.99 on Midway USA) that's required for the 6 3/4 in.  Looks to me like you will only need the Hogue adapter nut (which looks longer than the Mossberg nut ) if you have the shorter 6 3/4 in unit, but looking at some prices, it might be cheaper than buying the longer 7 5/8 unit plus the tube nut from Mossberg.

I'll post some pictures of our mess as soon as I get a chance.


  1. What size action slide tube did you end up getting. I am getting a Maverick 88 but im not sure if its the model where the forend and slide are one piece (im halfway through the 10 day waiting period).

    I will be putting hogue pistol grip and forend and want to prepare for worst case scenario which would cause me to buy more parts to make it fit. I know for a fact the grip will fit with no problem but I know depending on the type of maverick the forend may or may not fit right out of the package.

    I would like to know what are all the extra parts that you had to buy to get the forend to fit. thank you. Please email me:

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for reading, my buddy ended up ordering the Mossberg Action Slide Tube Assembly 6-3/4" for the Mossberg 500 A as well as Hogue Forend Adapter Nut Required for Mossberg 6-3/4" Forend Tubes. Check out this post for pics of the shotty with everything installed.

    Sorry, we didn't take any pictures of our progress:



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