Friday, July 6, 2012

Family Portrait

On CGN, they was a thread about lockers and storage so I took a shot of mine.  The lighting at my place is crap so the best I could do was either use a flash, or hold a flashlight over my locker and take a shot.  It's not an epic picture or anything, but this one below turned out kind of interesting. 

Also, I pulled some of my toys out of the toy box for a photo.  I have to get them out under the sun for a decent photo one of these days. 

My Remington R1 Enhanced.  I went to Reliable Gun to buy a Norinco 1911A1 (haha, to go with the rest of my Norc stuff) but my buddy Hermes talked me into the R1.  I'm new to pistols and don't know very much about them or how to use them, but what I can say is I absolutely love this one.  The I've shot my buddy Jay's Glock 17 before, and thought it was a 9mm, it felt like it kicked harder than this .45.  Compared to the Norinco 1911A1, the R1 feels more refined, it feels smoother when I rack the slide, and the finish is pristine.  The only problem I have with it is that I feel the need to baby it.  Haha, I may still go back one day to buy the Norc 1911 anyway just to have a beater gun, one I'm not going to cry over if I drop it or scratch it up. 

My Norc M14 with a DX stock bag.  It's padded but needs to be built up for a comfortable cheek weld. I know it's kind of ghetto, but I rolled up a couple of tube socks and jammed them underneath the padding and it seems to work for now.  I'll keep shopping for something better. 

My new Remington 870 Express with the mag extension.  I also got this from Reliable Gun for a smoking deal.  I added the tacticool flashlight and side saddle because I've been watching too many Magpul videos, but whatever, it doesn't affect the the performance so who cares.  Well, the flashlight mount is a bit floppy like a flaccid udon noodle, so I'll shop around for something a bit more sturdy, but I'm pretty happy with the new shotty.  I'm pretty new to shotguns and it seems like a whole new world of shooting.  There are so many types of ammo, it boggles my mind.  So far, I've only tried bird shot/target load and some slugs.  Talk about completely decimating a target sheet.

I had some face tatoos left over from Canada Day so I stuck on on my AR, haha, let's see how long it lasts before it rubs off.

I threw in my neighbor's Maverick 88 as well as some of my Airsoft stuff to beef up the collection.  The Airsoft stuff is for sale if anyone who's reading this is interested, haha!

I think I'm running out of storage space and I'm going to need another locker soon, haha!

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