Monday, July 30, 2012

Possible Gas Tube Issues with my AR *UPDATE*

Well, as I posted last time, I cleaned the hell out of my AR.  I did a detailed strip, took the BCG down, right down to the extractor, cleaned the rear end of the gas tube, ran some pipe cleaners through it even though they were coming out clean, lubed up all the working parts, cleaned it some more and lubed it all up again.  I drowned the thing in G96 (I love the stuff, doesn't it smell great?) and left it for a few days, then took it up to PoCo Outdoor Range.

When I got up there, I popped in a mag, fed a round into the chamber and squeezed the trigger, holding my breath.......bang!  The round went off as expected, but this time it felt different than last time.  I tooked at the ejection port, and the bolt was forward, just like last time, and I was positive I saw in my peripherals a spent casing being ejected.  I squeezed the trigger again and bang!  Another round.  I let off the last three in quick succession and popped in another mag and send some anger down range.  Ten rounds cycled flawlessly.  I was so elated, I went around telling my pals and all the range officers that I knew how happy I was, haha!  That really made my day, knowing there was nothing wrong with the gas system.  It was probably just bunged up and the solution was to clean the hell out of it, and sometimes you just have to shoot it clean.

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