Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Watchmen Smiley Face Aluma 1911 Grips

Yes, I riced out my R1.  I'm probably gonna get some flak for desecrating my 1911, what's the terminology?  It's not "safe queen", there's some other term floating around on the fourms nowadays.  I think it's "mall ninja" or "walmarche"?  Anyway, I like them.

I picked these up from DL Sports and though they're not exactly the ones pictured on their website, I'm still happy with them.  When I ordered these, I wasn't trying to make a replica of the gun used by the Joker from the movie The Watchmen.  In fact, I had no idea the smiley faces were even on his grips, I was just browsing 1911 grips one day and stumbled on these.  Anyway, I contacted Dave from DL Sports and he got back to me pretty quick.  I sent him the money and got the grips within a few days. Service was great, and I'm pretty happy with the grips got.



 Some people are gonna wonder why I decided to put smiley faces on my pistol.  I just figured it was kind of jack-ass to have smiley faces on a pistol......maybe I was referring to that Jungian thing, who knows.  




With the new grips, the pistol feels even more slick than before.  I used to like the idea of the double-stack, hi-cap mags, but in Canada, we're limited to 10 anyway, so the way I figured, I should just work on faster mag changes. 

Here are some specs on the pistol:

  • Adjustable Rear Sight
  • Fiber-Optic Front Sight (Red)
  • Front/Rear Slide Serrations
  • Beavertail Grip Safety with Checkered Memory Bump
  • Enhanced Hammer Anodized Aluminum Match Trigger
  • Enhanced Wide Thumb Safety
  • Flat Checkered Mainspring Housing (20 LPI)
  • Match Grade Stainless Barrel and Bushing
  • Front Grip Strap Serrations
  • Custom Grips with Thumb Groove and Ambi Cut
  • 8-Round Magazines with Bumper Pad (2)




  1. The Joker? No! It's Edward Blake, the Comedian, who had smiley faces on his 1911 grips. The gun was silver with black grips, the smiley face had no blood on it, and was surrounded by the words in white: "To Edward Blake With Gratitude"

    It was a present from the US Government. He engaged in alot of Black Ops missions on contract.


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