Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pelican 1750

I discovered Cabela's recently on a trip down to Washington for a car show.  Holy $hit.  They have everything under the sun for guns, and even though sometimes the prices aren't that good compared to some local places, just being there makes you want to buy something. 

So anyway, I was down in Washington for a car show, and discovered Cabela's.  I didn't buy anything but did return the following week to buy this single-rifle case that was for all intents and purposes built like a Pelican Case.  I got it back to Canada and discovered that neither my AR nor my scoped M14 fit properly inside of it (had to be tilted) so being as anal as I am, I sold the case and went back down to Cabela's to buy something that fit a lot better, this Peilican 1750 double rifle case. 

The previous week, I was down there and bought a 1170 single pistol case for my R1. I guess I wanted something really sturdy to protect my range queen so I shelled out $50 for the Peilican 1170 in tan (it was the only color at the time). There was a Plano for $30 that could hold more pistols and mags, but I told myself that my Remington R1 will be the first and last pistol I will ever buy......haha, famous last words!

So anyways, when I went down to get the long Pelican case, I got the tan one to match my pistol case. My version of matched luggage, only these come with life-time warantee and they never go out of style.

I'll take some better pictures when I get a chance.  Next time, I won't have the 870 in the way and obstructing the view, haha!

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