Sunday, July 22, 2012

PoCo Outdoor Range

My pal Regala took me out to PoCo Outdoor Range and we did some shooting up there.  I didn't take a lot of pictures, but instead, just focused on shooting.  I had some issues with my AR.  I guess I've been shooting so much .22lr through it that it might have bunged up the gas tube.  The round comes out, but the bolt stays locked to the front without ejecting the empty casing.  Anyway, I'm gonna go to Michael's to grab some pipe cleaners and run it through the gas tube a few times, see if that helps.  Hope it's not leaking.

I managed to get a bullseye at 50 meters with my 1911.  I know, it was probably just a fluke, haha!

I spent most of my time playing with my 1911 and my M14.  These targets were set out at 200 meters.  I know, pretty bad groupings, but I'm pretty happy that that I got it printing at all, haha!  More to learn.

That's my kind of beach.

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